Instagram Captions for Your Post

In order to collect a lot of likes on Instagram, a cool photo or selfie is not enough - it's also necessary to create a good signature. Whenever you publish a new picture, you need to come up with interesting, extraordinary Instagram caption in order to present a really amazing publication.

Even if you have well-developed imagination, after the third or fourth photo, you may face lack of creativity.

If you're trying to find at least one fresh idea for signing your new pic, on ICPTN.COM you can find more than 1000 captions for Instagram , from which you're able to come up with your own one or just to copy and paste from the list.

We've compiled the following list of quotes and signatures for your Instagram photos that will be perfect for any selfie, single or group photography. Ready ideas will provide you with extra space for thinking.

8 rules to write better Instagram captions

  • maximum size of caption is 2200 signs;
  • don't use more than 30 hashtags within one publication;
  • the most important information should be mentioned in the first two line;
  • the photos should complement each other's contest;
  • use emoji;
  • divide the text into paragraphs.
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